Another lockdown first, some new words and the future of content strategy

A picnic table in a garden, with a laptop, notebook and coffee mug on it.
My office for most of this month

This month, I had another lockdown first: a socially distanced business meeting. It was in my garden, because the web designer I’m working with lives locally.

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Zoom fatigue, lockdown houses and a defence of journalism

Doorway to a butcher's shop, with a notice saying "Max 2 customers in shop please."

In a month in which government slogans became memes as soon as they were released, a video spoofing the new lockdown advertising clichés went viral, and the novelty wore off Zoom, I’ve been wondering if this is the “new normal” yet. Read more ›

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An unusual April: not another post about working from home

Two Canada geese standing at the edge of a small lake.

Ladygrove Lakes in Didcot: the location for my allowed daily exercise. Yes,  I’m lucky.

April has been a month in which we saw numerous articles about how to work from home, and I don’t think we actually need any more. As someone who does this all the time, I probably count as an expert but I’m not going to add to the noise.

I will say this, though. The notion that we all work in pyjamas is a myth. Read more ›

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“Stay safe”: a month where communication is more important than ever

Pebble on the ground, painted blue with the message: "To the people who find this, stay safe."

Spotted in our local park.

Who would have thought that a month ago we were cheerfully sharing handwashing memes and now we are in lockdown?

A few weeks ago…

My husband didn’t know what PPE meant (I did, because I used to work for the Health and Safety Executive).

I thought I’d be fine working from home, because I do it all the time.

And I thought that Skype was what people used for conference calls. Read more ›

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Saving the world, making content readable and how to upset a copywriter: what I learnt in February

A selection of playing cards from the SDG2030 Game.

A selection of playing cards from the SDG2030 Game.

The most exciting thing that happened here in February was the final part of Didcot A power station (the chimney) being demolished. I didn’t go out to watch it because of the storms but it was captured on video by Reading-based Drone Motion. But as usual I’ve been reading, learning and thinking: I hope some of it will be useful or interesting for you, too. Read more ›

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