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Saving the world, making content readable and how to upset a copywriter: what I learnt in February

The most exciting thing that happened here in February was the final part of Didcot A power station (the chimney) being demolished. I didn’t go out to watch it because of the storms but it was captured on video by

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Weeknote 14: History lessons, user-centred design and the state of LinkedIn

Things I have learnt this week: 1. Writing was invented in at least four different places. I was taught at school about Mesopotamian cuneiform and Egyptian hieroglyphs but there’s also evidence of writing systems in China,  Mesoamerica and possibly other

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Weeknote 10: How not to be an entrepreneur

Two things recently have made me think about how I do my job. Surprisingly, an article titled How Basecamp Built a $100 Billion Business by Doing Less on Purpose turned out to be useful rather than clickbait. I liked the

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Weeknote 6: Writing, editing and rock’n’roll

I found a great quote on LinkedIn this week. Content strategist Melanie Seibert commented on a post about writing:  ‘To be a good writer, you have to be a good critical thinker. (Greek word for “word” is “logos,” the basis

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Style guides for the 21st century (part 2): A universal style guide?

Last month, I found myself in a second-hand bookshop looking for some holiday reading. I think I actually squealed with excitement when I saw a copy of Steven Pinker’s recent book The Sense of Style. At this point I realised

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