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Tech, sustainability and food: what I learnt in January

Things are feeling a bit momentous today, and not just because it’s the end of the first month of the new decade. This is my first blog of the year: I’ve stopped doing weeknotes so I suppose this monthly roundup

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Optimise Oxford: social media, sell-side and SEO

One of the things I like about meetups is the discussion that takes place after the talks have finished. At last week’s Optimise Oxford, it went like this: Someone asked for a show of hands: “Who uses ad blockers?”. Followed

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Five things Brexit can teach you about communication

The repercussions from the UK referendum on leaving the EU are going to run and run for a long time. That’s another discussion, but I’ve found it interesting to see the different conversations on the subject have been taking place

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Social media and your career (part 3): How to talk to people on Twitter

It’s all about people. You’ve set up your Twitter account, decided how you want to come across professionally and started developing your profile. But probably the most important step when using social media to build your professional ‘brand’ is your

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Social media and your career (part 2): Do you look like a professional?

No-one likes a show-off, but most people respect expertise. So, using Twitter to build your personal brand needs some thought if you want to get the right balance. I mentioned in a previous post that there are three aspects to

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