Weeknote 25: red vinyl, Brexit and Father Christmas

A tray of "Christmas doughnuts".

Seasonal offerings at this month’s farmers’ market from the wonderful Pippin Doughnuts. In case you needed an excuse to Buy Local.

For a few weeks now, I’ve been seeing my peers posting messages about winding their work up for the year. I couldn’t quite join in: my final deadline this year is 24th December! Happily, I will finish the job today, and then take a week off before my next one starts.

Meanwhile, the result of a slightly different job has arrived. I wrote (some of) the sleevenotes for this reissue of the cult compilation Juke Box at Eric’s. And now I have my own copy, in limited edition red vinyl. It was fun writing about music again, so if anyone’s reading this who needs words about the post-punk Liverpool music scene please get in touch. Come to that, if anyone’s reading this who’s got an interesting web content project happening next year, please get in touch too!

LP sleeve for "Jukebox at Eric's".

The future of weeknotes

This is weeknote 25 for 2019, which means that on average these posts were fortnight notes. It was an interesting experiment, but I’m not sure if I’ll continue. I think that, from the “reflecting on your working week” aspect, weeknotes might be more suitable if you’re part of a larger organisation. But I’ve enjoyed the opportunity to share things of interest or amusement, from the perspective of someone who does comms for a living. And I hope it’s interested or amused you, or given you an insight into the world of comms.

In other news

For a few weeks I was inundated with (reassuringly) badly targeted Facebook ads about the election. When it suddenly stopped, I got a whole load of ads for charities instead. Was it because they know that people like to donate to charities during the Christmas period? Or was it because they thought there would be disappointed voters wanting another chance to do something for positive change in the world?

If you’re wondering how Brexit might affect Father Christmas, here’s a helpful blog post by solicitors McGill & Co setting out the possibilities. It’s a clever bit of content marketing, as they specialise in immigration law so it lets them show off their expert knowledge (and make a point).

And if you want something hopeful for Christmas, here’s one of my favourite seasonal songs.

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