Weeknote 23: sustainability, pizza and a cat

Tweet from Pizza Express: 9:00 pm - Switch off computer    10:00 pm - 120 messages on work WhatsApp group telling you to "check Twitter now" .

Photo of the week. How to do reactive comms.

Last weekend I went to a reunion for my old workplace. My workmates were always the best thing about the company, and it was good to catch up with some of them.

As we were chatting, one of them asked me what I thought about Extinction Rebellion. I replied that if they – and the school strikers – hadn’t taken action this year, we wouldn’t now be talking about a climate emergency. And climate change would still be marginalised by the media, the politicians and the general public. Instead, Channel 4 is now going to host a leaders’ debate on the subject.

Interestingly, we’d spent most of the Creative Meetup that week talking about sustainable business. There are a few people in the group who have a background in sustainability but even those who don’t are now taking it seriously.

We talked first about recycling and transport, but one thing that most of us tend not to think about is the carbon footprint of our data. Data storage has been well branded as ‘the cloud’ but we need to remember it’s not up there in the heavens somewhere: it’s in a very energy-hungry data centre.

We also thought about our suppliers, and there’s an interesting point about supply chains in this article from The Energy Advice Hub.

In other news

The Charity Digital conference took place last week. I’d have loved to go but at least there were lots of tips on the Twitter hashtag.

Pizza Express responded well to being suddenly in the news. (And it didn’t take long for a parody ‘Pizza Express Woking’ Twitter account to appear.)

A cat is standing for election in Kent. His policies include: convert the Medway Tunnel into a giant cat flap.

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