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Weeknote 21: Substances derived from food, and other new words

The last few weeks have made me think about the things I like about being self-employed. 1. If you’re not well, you don’t have to see anyone. I’ve had a cold but working from home means I can pace myself

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Weeknote 20: Sustainable development, tech in Oxford and why you need subeditors

Things I’ve done since my last weeknote: 1. Started work for two new clients The International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED) is an independent research organisation that focuses on sustainable development. That’s right up my street, so I was

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Weeknote 19: Being nice is good for business. And scaring people is not.

It’s official: being nice is good for business.  A bunch of bosses from big American corporates have put out a statement telling us so. According to the New York Times, the Business Roundtable has declared that the responsibility of business

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Weeknote 18: Cold emails, hot weather and a new tech magazine

I’ve never sent a cold email, but like all small business owners I’ve received a few. There’s one in my inbox at the moment with the subject line ‘1st Page On Google Ranking’. Yeah, right. So if ‘Yeah, right’ is

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Weeknote 17: Mostly about pictures. And books.

Why do all articles about internet security have to be illustrated with pictures of young men in hoodies? Well… they don’t. It’s about time that changed, and someone’s doing something about it. Part of it is to do with what’s

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