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Weeknote 26: Black Friday, Advent and “me too” marketing

I’ve seen a  lot of “me too” marketing in the last few weeks. First, there’s been the Black Friday sales messages, which everyone claims to find annoying. It would be interesting to see retail figures for this period, now that

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Weeknote 23: sustainability, pizza and a cat

Last weekend I went to a reunion for my old workplace. My workmates were always the best thing about the company, and it was good to catch up with some of them. As we were chatting, one of them asked

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Weeknote 22: IT jargon, style sheets and air pollution

This week, I’ve been thinking about jargon. You get a lot of jargon when working in a technical job, and you get a lot of jargon when working in HR. I’m editing some IT job descriptions at the moment, so

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Weeknote 21: Substances derived from food, and other new words

The last few weeks have made me think about the things I like about being self-employed. 1. If you’re not well, you don’t have to see anyone. I’ve had a cold but working from home means I can pace myself

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Weeknote 20: Sustainable development, tech in Oxford and why you need subeditors

Things I’ve done since my last weeknote: 1. Started work for two new clients The International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED) is an independent research organisation that focuses on sustainable development. That’s right up my street, so I was

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