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Weeknote 3: Websites and wish lists

OK, I said last week that I don’t watch daytime television. But I do sometimes watch Pointless. Does that count if it’s on after 5pm? And I often wonder, how I would answer Alexander Armstrong’s question to contestants: ‘And what

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Content design: what is it and how do you do it?

Sometimes it’s hard to keep up with all the jargon in the world of digital media. Content may still be king but there are lots of different ways of looking at it. We’ve had content strategy, we’ve had content marketing

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Optimise Oxford: social media, sell-side and SEO

One of the things I like about meetups is the discussion that takes place after the talks have finished. At last week’s Optimise Oxford, it went like this: Someone asked for a show of hands: “Who uses ad blockers?”. Followed

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How to cope with colleague-generated content

Digital publishing can be a strange thing. Mention ‘user-generated content’ and people’s eyes light up. It’s the holy grail for web publishers: lots of online content and it costs them nothing. (There are pitfalls here, of course, as those who

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When should you relaunch a website (and what does relaunch mean, anyway)?

There are many things that it’s not a good idea to share on social media. And near the top of my list would be the words ‘check out our new website’. You may have spent months (even years) agonising over

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