Five things Brexit can teach you about communication

A newspaper stand with British newspapers, the day before the Brexit referendum.

The repercussions from the UK referendum on leaving the EU are going to run and run for a long time. That’s another discussion, but I’ve found it interesting to see the different conversations on the subject have been taking place in, and about, the media.

There are lessons to be learned – and yes, they include some serious “don’ts” – by anyone who wants to get a message across. Read more ›

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Criticism and context: why we still need professional reviewers

Me and a friend backstage at a gig.

Backstage, and reaching for my notebook.

Is being a music writer “tough and important work”? Well, one music writer thinks it is. Tim Sommer, writing in the New York Observer, argues that “Daily newspapers need music writers now more than ever.”

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How to learn from your clients

Black jacket and grey top.

My new capsule wardrobe.

One of the great things about being freelance is working for a variety of clients, instead of just one employer. For every job, there are new things to learn, which help you to grow your professional skills, business skills and interpersonal skills.

There are things you can learn from your client, too.

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Content marketing the old fashioned way

CalendarI’ve blogged before about content marketing and its position in the world of digital media. But it’s worth remembering that there are other ways to provide useful content for your customers – without them needing to access a computer.

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How to cope with colleague-generated content

bridgeDigital publishing can be a strange thing. Mention ‘user-generated content’ and people’s eyes light up. It’s the holy grail for web publishers: lots of online content and it costs them nothing. (There are pitfalls here, of course, as those who actually deal with the content know.) But if you mention colleague-generated content, many web editors may shudder.

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