Weeknote 7: Poetry and petitions

A stack of books, with the titles Tyger, Tiger, Burning Bright, and In The Forest.

… of the night

Most of my work week was spent on the university website I mentioned last time. I’m learning my way around a new content management system and starting to build the pages for the new site. I find this sort of thing fun, but maybe that’s just me.

It’s quite satisfying finding your way round a new interface – I wonder what this does? How do you make this happen? Is this a bug or is it just me? Ah, that’s how it works! – and familiarising yourself by just getting on with it.

And while the content creation phase of a project – research, writing, editing – is usually enjoyable, seeing something take shape is particularly rewarding. Also, the tools available these days are so much easier to use than when I started out making websites in the late 1990s. (Apparently Dreamweaver is still going – but I can’t see myself using it in the near future.)

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Weeknote 6: Writing, editing and rock’n’roll

Screenshot of email notification: "A new post, 'Test', has just been published on the Government Digital Service blog."

Photo of the week. Made me laugh.

I found a great quote on LinkedIn this week.

Content strategist Melanie Seibert commented on a post about writing:  ‘To be a good writer, you have to be a good critical thinker. (Greek word for “word” is “logos,” the basis of our word “logic.”) That type of clarity of thought is not as common as we sometimes expect, so it gives your team and product a huge advantage!’

I’m a sucker for positive comments about writers, but it did strike a chord. Being a good writer (or editor) is about so much more than spelling and grammar. It’s about getting to the core of what you are trying to say. Read more ›

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Weeknote 5: How much do you tell your clients?

Poster with text: "They may not be avoiding you. They may just be: 1. Distracted by a sudden life change. 2. Working hard to make ends meet or to make sense of their situation. 3. Too worn out to socialize. 4. Dealing with personal pain or illness. 5. Tired of having to pretend to be okay around you when they're really doing all they can to survive. Don't make snap judgments. You just never know."
Confession time: I haven’t been doing weeknotes every week.

Weeknotes are supposed to be for reporting and reflecting on your working week but, as I hinted recently, my working weeks haven’t been very normal recently. In the last few weeks in particular, I’ve had to take a lot of time off and I don’t have many work-related thoughts to note.

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Weeknote 4: Sharing the love

Heart Unions logo

It’s HeartUnions Week – a TUC campaign to raise awareness of the value of unions – and my union, the NUJ, is taking part. So I had a think about why I love my union.

So what has my union done for me? Read more ›

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Weeknote 3: Websites and wish lists

Two books: Neurotribes by Steve Silberman, and Transciption by Kate Atkinson.

This week’s reading

OK, I said last week that I don’t watch daytime television. But I do sometimes watch Pointless. Does that count if it’s on after 5pm?

And I often wonder, how I would answer Alexander Armstrong’s question to contestants: ‘And what do you do in your spare time?’ The answer would probably be: the same as what I do for work. Read more ›

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