An unusual April: not another post about working from home

Two Canada geese standing at the edge of a small lake.

Ladygrove Lakes in Didcot: the location for my allowed daily exercise. Yes,  I’m lucky.

April has been a month in which we saw numerous articles about how to work from home, and I don’t think we actually need any more. As someone who does this all the time, I probably count as an expert but I’m not going to add to the noise.

I will say this, though. The notion that we all work in pyjamas is a myth. Read more ›

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“Stay safe”: a month where communication is more important than ever

Pebble on the ground, painted blue with the message: "To the people who find this, stay safe."

Spotted in our local park.

Who would have thought that a month ago we were cheerfully sharing handwashing memes and now we are in lockdown?

A few weeks ago…

My husband didn’t know what PPE meant (I did, because I used to work for the Health and Safety Executive).

I thought I’d be fine working from home, because I do it all the time.

And I thought that Skype was what people used for conference calls. Read more ›

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Saving the world, making content readable and how to upset a copywriter: what I learnt in February

A selection of playing cards from the SDG2030 Game.

A selection of playing cards from the SDG2030 Game.

The most exciting thing that happened here in February was the final part of Didcot A power station (the chimney) being demolished. I didn’t go out to watch it because of the storms but it was captured on video by Reading-based Drone Motion. But as usual I’ve been reading, learning and thinking: I hope some of it will be useful or interesting for you, too. Read more ›

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Tech, sustainability and food: what I learnt in January


January is a good time for a holiday.

Things are feeling a bit momentous today, and not just because it’s the end of the first month of the new decade.

This is my first blog of the year: I’ve stopped doing weeknotes so I suppose this monthly roundup could be called a ‘worknote’. So here are a few highlights from January. Read more ›

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Weeknote 25: red vinyl, Brexit and Father Christmas

A tray of "Christmas doughnuts".

Seasonal offerings at this month’s farmers’ market from the wonderful Pippin Doughnuts. In case you needed an excuse to Buy Local.

For a few weeks now, I’ve been seeing my peers posting messages about winding their work up for the year. I couldn’t quite join in: my final deadline this year is 24th December! Happily, I will finish the job today, and then take a week off before my next one starts.

Meanwhile, the result of a slightly different job has arrived. I wrote (some of) the sleevenotes for this reissue of the cult compilation Juke Box at Eric’s. And now I have my own copy, in limited edition red vinyl. It was fun writing about music again, so if anyone’s reading this who needs words about the post-punk Liverpool music scene please get in touch. Come to that, if anyone’s reading this who’s got an interesting web content project happening next year, please get in touch too! Read more ›

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