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Introductory slide from the meetup: "Content, Seriously".It’s like buses… you wait for an opportunity to find out about content design, and two come along at once.

I recently blogged about Sarah Richards’ new Content Design book. And this week I attended a meetup on the same subject. Organised by Rahel Baillie, the event featured speakers from both the public and private sectors. Read more ›

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Content design: what is it and how do you do it?

contentdesignerSometimes it’s hard to keep up with all the jargon in the world of digital media. Content may still be king but there are lots of different ways of looking at it. We’ve had content strategy, we’ve had content marketing and now there’s a new kid on the block: content design. Read more ›

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How to disrupt Black Friday, and other comms tips: things I learned in November

Still from Traidcraft video: "This year, a third of all people want Black Friday to be stopped."

A still from Traidcraft’s Just Friday campaign video.

November was a big month in media, from the American election, fake news and “post-truth” politics to the annual Black Friday frenzy. There is always something you can learn from observing how different organisations approach topical issues, so here are a few things I’ve learned in the past month.

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Optimise Oxford: social media, sell-side and SEO

Flyers for Optimise Oxford.One of the things I like about meetups is the discussion that takes place after the talks have finished. At last week’s Optimise Oxford, it went like this:

Someone asked for a show of hands: “Who uses ad blockers?”. Followed by another show of hands: “Who works in digital marketing?” Hmm, what was that saying about biting the hand that feeds you? Read more ›

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Five things Brexit can teach you about communication

A newspaper stand with British newspapers, the day before the Brexit referendum.

The repercussions from the UK referendum on leaving the EU are going to run and run for a long time. That’s another discussion, but I’ve found it interesting to see the different conversations on the subject have been taking place in, and about, the media.

There are lessons to be learned – and yes, they include some serious “don’ts” – by anyone who wants to get a message across. Read more ›

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