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Weeknote 9: Euphemisms and poems

I had an interesting letter from Honda this week about a safety recall. Not interesting because of the content but because of the style.

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Weeknote 8: Sleevenotes and subeditors

  Things I’ve been doing this week: publishing content on a new website and writing sleevenotes for an LP reissue. I’ve also been learning about Office 365 apps so I can write some web guidance for university users – and

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Weeknote 7: Poetry and petitions

Most of my work week was spent on the university website I mentioned last time. I’m learning my way around a new content management system and starting to build the pages for the new site. I find this sort of

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Weeknote 6: Writing, editing and rock’n’roll

I found a great quote on LinkedIn this week. Content strategist Melanie Seibert commented on a post about writing:  ‘To be a good writer, you have to be a good critical thinker. (Greek word for “word” is “logos,” the basis

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Weeknote 5: How much do you tell your clients?

Confession time: I haven’t been doing weeknotes every week. Weeknotes are supposed to be for reporting and reflecting on your working week but, as I hinted recently, my working weeks haven’t been very normal recently. In the last few weeks

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