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Weeknote 12: Networking or not

This week’s been pretty productive as I’m approaching the deadlines for two web content projects I’ve been working on for a while. But I managed to find time to attend the Creative Meetup at Howbery Park near Wallingford. It’s one

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Weeknote 11: A visit to Twitter

This week I went to Twitter! I didn’t actually have business with Twitter (although I did enjoy tweeting: ‘I’m ON Twitter and I’m IN Twitter’, which felt a bit meta). But Twitter HQ in London was the venue for a

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Weeknote 10: How not to be an entrepreneur

Two things recently have made me think about how I do my job. Surprisingly, an article titled How Basecamp Built a $100 Billion Business by Doing Less on Purpose turned out to be useful rather than clickbait. I liked the

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Weeknote 9: Euphemisms and poems

I had an interesting letter from Honda this week about a safety recall. Not interesting because of the content but because of the style.

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Weeknote 8: Sleevenotes and subeditors

  Things I’ve been doing this week: publishing content on a new website and writing sleevenotes for an LP reissue. I’ve also been learning about Office 365 apps so I can write some web guidance for university users – and

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