Weeknote 8: Sleevenotes and subeditors


A computer playing Snap with a human. From an April Fool's Day video by Oxford University.

Things I’ve been doing this week: publishing content on a new website and writing sleevenotes for an LP reissue. I’ve also been learning about Office 365 apps so I can write some web guidance for university users – and putting it into practice, as we’re using Microsoft Teams to collaborate on the project.

The brain fog I got after my mum died has lifted, as have the demands on my time, so it’s starting to feel like business as usual again.

What I’m reading

Book cover for Spring by Ali Smith.

Spring by Ali Smith, the third in her ‘Seasonal Quartet’. Published last last week, and I treated myself with my birthday book token. (Note to friends and family: you are never too old for a birthday book token.)

Tweet of the week

I enjoyed Oxford University’s April Fool’s Day video.

In other news

Mother's Day book display at Blackwell's, showing an interesting range of books.

It was Mother’s Day on Sunday, and most retailers seemed to take a very simplistic view of what women would like as a present (anything you want as long as it’s pink). But I did like the display in Blackwell’s bookshop. Because it was books, and because the choices weren’t all obvious.

Apparently, today is Walk To Work Day. That was easy: it takes about 10 seconds to walk from my bedroom to my office.

There was a thread in my favourite Facebook group, Horny handed subs of toil, on ‘What would your subeditor band name be?’ My favourite was Lorem Ipsum and the Blank Space Cowboys, but other great ideas were:

  • Style Counsel
  • The Chubby Checkers
  • Talking Subheads
  • Em People
  • Literally Iconic
  • Stop Saying Solutions.

And there was a nod to those who got there before us: an Australian band called Cut Copy, The Spikes (a band in Adelaide in the ’80s) and of course UK Subs.

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