A weeknote about weeknotes

A statue of a bull, with a knitted scarf around its neck.

Photo of the week. This bit of yarn-bombing made me laugh when I came out of Oxford station on Wednesday, on my way to a client meeting at the university.

Most people look forward to Fridays because it’s the end of the working week. That doesn’t always apply when you’re self-employed, but there are some things I like about Friday.

Dan’s emails are aimed at public sector communications people. I’m not exactly that, but I do work mostly for non-profits and anyway much of what is covered is of interest for anyone working in digital comms.

I don’t open all the emails I’m subscribed to (who does?) but I usually open this one because I know I will be informed and entertained, and I always learn something useful or find out something new.

Today I found out about weeknotes: a type of blog post where you report and reflect on your working week. I’ve been looking for a way to keep this blog more regular, so I thought this could be it.

Consider this my first weeknote!

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