On and off again

computerbuttonI’ve been writing a blog called Crimes against English for some time now. It’s fun, but I’ve started to realise that there are other things I want to blog about: not just the things that go wrong when trying to get a message across, but also the things that go right. In particular, I’m interested in the whole area of online communication: Web 2.0, social media and the wider area of what, in the media industry, we now call ‘content’.

That’s to come. In the meantime, here are some of my favourite ‘Crimes against English’ posts. I hope you enjoy them.

Jargon, solutions and how not to sell to businesses A meditation on business-to-business marketing and the use (or not) of plain English.

Save our subs I don’t mean subscriptions.

Do crimes against English really exist? Where I ponder whether it’s possible to be too pedantic.

Because I’ve worked both online and offline (ie in print), I was tempted to call my new blog ‘On and off again’, in tribute to The IT Crowd. I realise that’s slightly obscure, so I’ve indulged myself in the title of this blog post instead.

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